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About us
Who are Sky Insurance?
Who are weeklycover.co.uk
Opening times
Opening times
Marketing Material & Mailshots
Complaints procedure
How can I add extra days to my policy?
Can I change the insurance cover to another vehicle?
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Can I cancel my weeklycover policy?
How can I cancel my policy?
Continuous Insurance Enforcement
Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE)
What is Continuous Insurance Enforcement?
Insurance documents
Where can I find a copy of the policy documents?
I haven't had an email to download my documents
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Impounded & Confiscated Vehicles
Can I get insurance to recover an impounded vehicle?
Motor Insurer's Database (MID)
When will my insurance be on askmid ?
When will my vehicle appear on the MID database?
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Website helpdesk
How can I get a quote if my postcode is not recognised?
What is a PDF document?
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How do I report an accident?
What should I do if I am involved in an accident?
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Card payments
How do I get a receipt for my payment?
Why has my card payment been declined?
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Document delivery
What do I do if haven't received my insurance documents?
I have given you the wrong email address, what can I do?
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Will you insure me if I have convictions?
Driving Licences
Can I buy Third Party Fire & Theft insurance cover?
How long must I have a licence to get your insurance?
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DVSA Part 3 Driving Tests
Can I get insurance cover for the DVSA Part 3 test?
Green Cards & Foreign Use Cover
Will I be covered if I drive my vehicle abroad?
Will I be covered if I drive abroad?
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Insurance Cover
Can I insure a rented vehicle through weeklycover.co.uk?
Can 1 get 7 day's insurance on Father's Car even though he has got his own insurance on the car at the moment?
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Road Tax
Can I buy Road Tax online with a cover note?
Can I get Road Tax with a downloaded certificate?
My number-plate is not being recognised, what can I do?
Can you insure me on a vehicle with Diplomatic number-plates?
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Vehicle Usage
What can I use the vehicle for?
Permitted Drivers
Can I insure more than one driver on this policy?
Does being a House-husband count as unemployed?
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Visitors to the UK
Can you provide insurance cover for residents from outside of the UK?
Do you insure drivers with an Australian licence?
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Motor Excess Protection Insurance
What is Excess Protect Insurance?
Does Motor Excess Protection insurance pay out on claims less than the policy excess?
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Motor Excess Reduction Insurance
What is motor excess reduction insurance?
Motor Breakdown Insurance
Who do I call if I need breakdown assistance?
Learner Driver Insurance
Do you insure learner drivers?
Driving Standards Agency updates
Exchanging Information

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