3 Reasons You Might Need Weekly Cover

Here at Weekly Cover we offer competitively priced and convenient 1 week car insurance, but why would you ever need car insurance for just a week?

There are many different reasons that could leave you in need of short term car insurance – here are just three of the most common.

You’ve Just Purchased a New Vehicle


The deal has gone through, you’ve got the keys in your hand… now you just have to wait for your car insurance policy to come through.

With Weekly Cover you can secure immediate comprehensive cover within minutes, allowing you to drive away in your new car on the day of purchase. Once your secure payment has been received we will send you a unique link to view your policy documents which you can print out if you wish.

You’re Going Away on Holiday

If you don’t own a car but need to hire one for a family holiday – or perhaps your current vehicle is too small for the trip – then you may need to secure car insurance specifically for this situation.

Our 1 week car insurance is perfect for covering a holiday rental car – or for adding an additional driver to your own vehicle so you can share the driving between two of you.

Family or Friends are Visiting

If you have people visiting it may be necessary for them to have access to transport during the time they are with you. If so, you can cover them on your family car with no risk to your own no claims bonus.

To find out more about the benefits of 1 week car insurance and the benefits it can offer visit the Weekly Cover Help Desk.

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