Google car will listen to as well as see its surroundings

If you’ve been paying attention then you should be aware that internet search giant Google are in the process of developing a self-driving car, an innovation they hope will help to make our roads significantly safer by removing the human element that is responsible for so many accidents.

To do this of course, the Google car will need to be able to see the road, but it was recently announced that it will also listen to its surroundings as well.

Google claims that this technology will complement the cameras the car will utilise, allowing the vehicle to not just react to hazards that appear in its field of vision but also potential risks that lie around the next corner.

They also state that the listening technology is so sensitive it will be able to detect what direction pedestrians are walking in simply from the sound they make.

To achieve this vision of a fully autonomous automobile it is essential that the vehicle’s onboard systems are able to take in as much information as humans can, and we regularly rely on sound when making decisions behind the wheel, so it makes sense that Google would want and need to incorporate this functionality into their self-drive car.

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