Weekly Car Insurance

When you're stuck without a car and need to get back behind the wheel as soon as possible, Weekly Cover can help. As a leading provider of short term car insurance, we can provide you with immediate, comprehensive car or van insurance, allowing you to continue driving, safe in the knowledge that you are fully covered.

We understand that sometimes you need temporary car insurance urgently to get you moving when things go wrong. That's why we have made the purchasing process as simple as possible. The entire process can be completed online with minimum hassle and paid securely with a credit or debit card. Once your payment is confirmed, we'll send you a link to view and print your insurance documents, allowing you to get back on the road.

Week Car Insurance or One Day Car Insurance

Now in addition to One Week Car Insurance, we offer 1-28 Days cover periods, so if you need one day car insurance, we can now offer you this. There are many situations which could leave you in need of weekly car insurance. If you're going away for the week or a few days and are looking to borrow or loan a car for the trip, we can provide you with cover. If you've just purchased a new car and need cover to drive it away and time to find an annual policy, why not take out a day’s insurance or even a week's cover to get you started? Or, if your own vehicle is out of action and you wish to borrow or loan a car, weekly car insurance to cover you driving someone else’s car can help get you moving again.

Our 1-28 days car insurance covers a huge range of cars and drivers. As long as you are between the ages of 21 – 75 and have held your full UK driving licence for at least 6 months, we are likely to be able to cover you on any standard car for daily motor insurance or weekly motor insurance. In addition for 1 day insurance policies, we also offer cover for any daily period between 1-28 days. Why not find out what we can do for you and get a quote today?

Excess Reduction Policy

The Excess Reduction Policy allows you to claim back part of your Policy Excess in the event of a fault claim. You do still need to pay out the excess first at the point of a claim, but you can recover up to the Excess Reduction amount back. For more information, see our Excess Reduction page.

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